Major projects that get out of hand. Clumsy, costly structures and processes. Suspected breach of compliance. Unresolved leadership and staffing issues.

If you prefer measurable successes to thick reports:
HC – Smart Business Engineering
H. C. Schregenberger

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Large administrative organizations (international and national) / E-government / Armed forces and Armaments procurement / Compliance

I want to quickly get a problem project back on track
Seeking a CDO (Chief Destruction Officer / Court Jester / Coach)
I am looking for a successful interim manager
I want to get an independent expert opinion
I need immediate proven support in a crisis

When major projects start to flounder or get out of hand, swift and decisive action must be taken. With my decades of experience in such crisis situations, I can also help you discreetly to get almost any problem project back on track very quickly.


Not necessary – we have an open culture of discussion!
Are you sure about that?

Do you want to know what nobody dares to tell you? The higher you are in a hierarchy, the more likely it is that problems will be glossed over, veiled, and hushed up… and it has to do with you, too. Initiate the culture change, call me.


You are in the process of filling a managerial position and want to use the time available to make the necessary improvements in order to give the new manager the best possible starting conditions.


Before you make a definitive decision, you want to obtain an independent, honest and understandable expert opinion and well-founded recommendations. Do you prefer easy-to-implement insights to thick reports for the drawer? Then I am the right partner for you.


Time is of the essence, you need a solution immediately. Rely on proven methods and call me on +41 79 693 06 85.

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